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DIVORCE WISE  is an Innovative Group of Professional Divorce Law Specialists with more than 63 years of combined experience in this dynamic field of the Law in South Africa. Our objective is to make our Divorce Services freely available, very affordable, and easily accessible to every woman and man in South Africa ( irrespective of their financial and social position ). We are able to do this by - Keeping it Smart & Simple !

Why complicate divorce matters when there are really no valid reasons for doing so ? Only by being different and continuously focusing on our specialised niche services, are we able to achieve the targeted and desired results for all our valued Clients.

Because we are not General Practising Attorneys, who often try to be all things to all people, we are able to provide our Clients with effective and affordable ( we do not have to and we don't charge high corporate hourly rates ) Divorce Services, which caters for the full range of personal circumstances and individual needs.

In terms of our Law, any Private Individual has the Constitutional Right to conduct his/ her own Legal Case ( in person and without formal legal representation ) in any Court of Law in South Africa and by doing so, huge amounts of Legal Fees can be saved for obvious reasons. With our assistance this manner of litigation offers smart, practical alternatives and makes sound financial, emotional and legal sense for all our Clients, being the logical and preferred Divorce and Conflict Resolution Strategy.

We will often employ valuable and effective ADR ( Alternative Dispute Resolution ) Strategies to ensure that the divorcing parties reach an amicable settlement as soon as possible as this will always be in their best interests.

As and when required, we will engage and possibly outsource certain legal services to specific and highly recommendable Practising Attorneys and/ or Advocates ( with whom we have established a long and trusted professional relationship over many years ) to ensure that our Clients get the best possible legal advice, guidance and support at all times - but then again, at affordable pre-agreed reasonable rates.

We are so confident in what we do and how we do it that we will give you a RISK FREE, 30 DAY, MONEY BACK, GUARANTEE, should you not be 100 %  SATISFIED with our CUSTOMER SERVICE and the Specific Divorce Service we provided to you.

Before requesting any payment from you, you will be provided with a written and detailed ' Scope of our Mandate ', to be accepted and signed by you to ensure that you are in full agreement with the purpose and objective of the specific services to be rendered on your behalf.

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