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Our aim is to provide a Professional and Specialist Divorce Service to cater
for all Individual Needs and to keep things as Smart and Simple as possible.
People's Circumstances and Budgets are Different, but Divorce remains
an Unpleasant and Serious Legal Matter that must be treated as such.

21 998  Divorces were completed and registered in South Africa in 2012.  This was up from  20 980  in 2011.

A Decree of Divorce could affect you for the rest of your Life, so make sure you deal with it in the best possible way. 
We Specialise in Uncontested and Contested Divorce Matters. We will be honoured to Guide and Assist you in this most Challenging Time of your Life.  Partner with us to find the right
Legal Solution for your Particular Needs. See our Pricing Guide below.

ASK about our Special FAST TRACK Method to do
a Complete Uncontested Divorce in just - 5 DAYS -
from Start to Finish !  Prices Start from R290,00.

DIVORCE  doesn't have to be Unpleasant or Complicated, but if the Divorce Process is not fully understood and not kept in check, it could easily escalate into a Personal Nightmare that will wreck precious personal and family relationships and drain emotions, feelings and finances for many years to come.  

ASK about our Special FAST TRACK Method to do 

a Complete Uncontested Divorce in just - 5 DAYS - 

from Start to Finish !   Prices Start from R290,00. 

So BE WISE about it - you have well defined Legal Rights and various Legal Options available to you according to specific South African Divorce Laws to ensure that your Divorce is dealt with responsibly and in the best possible way.


              A.       DIY ( Do It Yourself )  -  UNCONTESTED  DIVORCE  OPTIONS :
 Item #  Product Guide Price Service  and  Procedure
1. Grade I  R   290,00  Detail E-mail Advice & Written Guidance ONLY.
2. Grade II   R   790,00  Written Guidance & Draw Docs >  NO Children.
3. Grade III    R1 590,00  Guidance & Draw Docs >  WITH Children + Assets.
4. Grade IV  R1 990,00  Guidance Draw Docs >  Children + Pension Assets.
  NO Consultations, Travelling Time + Costs + Court Attendances included.
 Should a matter become CONTESTED, new Terms & Conditions will apply.
              B.      MFU ( Managed For You )  -  UNCONTESTED  DIVORCE  OPTIONS :
     5. Grade V R    790,00  Personal Consultation, Advice & Written Guidance.
     6. Grade VI R1 590,00  Consult, Draw Docs - NO Children + Court  x1.
     7. Grade VII R2 790,00  Consult, Docs + Child + Pension Assets + Court  x1.
     8. Grade VIII  R3 990,00  Consult, Docs + Child + All Assets + Court  x2.
    Excludes Further Consultations, Waiting Time, Travelling Time + Costs. *
Further Terms & Conditions Apply which are Available on Request.
     Should a matter become CONTESTED, new Terms & Conditions will apply. 

"   .... an uncontested divorce ( where both parties agree about the division of their assets and all arrangements regarding children ) can cost you some R4 000 in legal costs, and a contested divorce anything from R10 000 to R500 000 - if the court action drags on for weeks ..... 

The main advantage of doing your own divorce is cost - you don't have to meet with an Attorney, who can charge from R800 to R2 000 an hour " -  extract from a fin24 Article : ' DIY divorce ' - by Helena Wasserman, dated 15/01/2010 - a few years ago.
"  .... Gaining access to legal representation in civil matters ( which includes divorces ) is even more difficult. The first port of call for a person needing assistance is an attorney’s office; a member of the public cannot hire an advocate directly. The big firms typically charge R4,000/h for a partner’s time, but the top attorneys in the country can fetch R6,000/h. For the lowest-ranked qualified attorney you’re looking at R1,500/h and candidate attorneys are charged out at a bit under R1,000/h. Even at small and medium firms, you should expect to pay about R900/h.  ..... "  - extract from a Daily Maverick Article : ' South Africa, a country of chequebook justice ' - by Nathan Geffen, dated 5/09/2013.
WARNING :  Unless you have extensive knowledge of and practical experience in this field of the Law, we strongly recommend that you engage the services of a reliable and trusted Divorce Law Specialist to assist you as early as possible in the Divorce Process to avoid serious possible complications. We will be honoured to assist you in this regard - every step of the way.
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